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Profile Requirements

To deliver a message to a mobile device over SNS, Courier must be provided either the Topic ARN, that the device is subscribed to, or the Target ARN that the device is subscribed to. If using a Target ARN, then this value should be included in the recipient profile as target_arn.

// Recipient Profile
  "target_arn": "your:target:arn"

If no target_arn is provided in the recipient profile then the Topic ARN will be used from the Courier configuration.

Either the Target ARN or the Topic ARN should be provided, not both.


Overrides can be used to change the request body that Courier uses to send a sms message. Overrides are useful when a field is not yet supported by Courier or you would like to override the value that Courier generates.

You can override both the Access Key Id and the Secret Access Key supported by AWS SNS sdk (see all send publish properties here). Below is an example of overriding the Access Key Id and Secret Access Key for the configuration:

  "recipient": "",
  "profile": {},
  "data": {},
  "override": {
    “config”: {
        "accessKeyId": “<your Access Key Id>”,
    "secretAccessKey": "<your Secret Access Key>",

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