Set up Sign In with Okta


This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to allow your team to sign in to Courier with Okta.


  • An Okta account with Admin privileges.
  • Each user must be invited to courier via email before they can log in with Okta.
  • Some of these steps require information to be received from and sent to courier. Before continuing, contact Courier support and ask for assistance in setting up Okta Sign in.

Set Up

  1. Navigate to the Applications > Applications section of the Okta admin panel
  2. Hit the "Create App Integration Button":
Create App Integration button.Create App Integration button.

Create App Integration button.

  1. Select SAML 2.0 and hit "Next"
  1. Enter "Courier" as the app name and optionally provide the Courier logo (available after the screenshot) then click "Next"
Courier LogoCourier Logo

Courier Logo

  1. Contact Courier support for a Single sign on URL and an Audience URI. Enter them in their respective fields under SAML settings.
SSO URL and Audience URI fieldsSSO URL and Audience URI fields

SSO URL and Audience URI fields

  1. Under the "Attribute Statements" section, enter the following information:
  • Name: id Value:
  • Name: Value:
    (Name format can be left as Unspecified)
Okta attribute statements.Okta attribute statements.

Okta attribute statements.

  1. Hit the "Next" button towards the bottom of the page
  2. Under the "Application Feedback" section, select "I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app" and hit "Finish":
Okta feedback formOkta feedback form

Okta feedback form

  1. From the "Sign On" tab of the new Courier application integration, find the Identity Provider metadata hyperlink. Copy the link address and send it to the Courier support team member
Identity Provider metadata linkIdentity Provider metadata link

Identity Provider metadata link

That's all thats needed to allow sign in with Okta. Be sure to assign users using the Assignments tab within the Courier App Integration of the Okta admin panel.

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